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Founded in 2004  

Hoa (Partners)

Hawaiian Native Corporation is proud to be one of 12 NHOs partnering together to support the initiatives of the Native Hawaiian Organizations Association- NHOA.


“…it’s about creating economic engines
for the benefits of Native Hawaiians.”
-Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawai‘i)


“NHOs are designed to be ‘collection points’ to capture contracts for Native Hawaiian-owned businesses and enable them to act as the Pacific hub and a global crossroad for the future of our Native Hawaiian people and all other indigenous businesses and organizations,” NHOA President- Christopher Dawson

The Native Hawaiian Organizations Association (NHOA) was founded in March 2007 to support the NHO Program, active NHOs, and their 8(a) subsidiaries.  To that end, it is the mission of the Association to: protect, promote, and advance the Native Hawaiian Organizations Program.  As the program was designed to create long-term community economic viability and each NHO is charged with the responsibility to principally serve Native Hawaiians, NHOA’s vision is an economically self-sufficient Native Hawaiian community, with fair levels of participation in the Federal Government marketplace.

Click here to read NHOA's mission and the purposes of the Association

In support of fulfilling NHOA's mission, the purposes of the association is:

  • To unify, for mutually beneficial purposes, the efforts of those organizations which qualify under federal small business law as Native Hawaiian Organizations and are members (Hui ‘ia);
  • To facilitate the development of the community service programs that each member Native Hawaiian Organization is required to establish, fund and maintain (Lawelawe);
  • To assist member Native Hawaiian Organizations in their business dealings so that they operate with excellence (Maika‘i loa) and adhere to the highest standards of business ethics (Kūpono);
  • To instruct and mentor member Native Hawaiian Organizations who are new to the business so that they may be successful (A‘o);

  • To educate and inform the general public of the benefits and good works that such Native Hawaiian Organizations are doing (Hō‘ike); and,
  • To engage in any and all lawful activities for which nonprofit corporations may be incorporated under Chapter 414D, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes.

Contact Us:

Native Hawaiian Organizations Association
Attn: Rebecca Justine ‘Iolani Soon, Executive Director
c/o 900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1700, Honolulu, HI 96813
O: 808.536.5500 • F: 808.536.5530

NHOA Board Members & Directors
Christopher M. Dawson             President                          NHO: Hawaiian Native Corporation
Ron Jarrett                                    Vice-President                 NHO: Na ‘Ōiwi Kāne
Al Pau`ole                                     Treasurer                         NHO: Hui O Hana Pono
Bruss Keppeler                             Secretary                         NHO: Na ‘Ōiwi Kāne
Irwin Cockett                                Director                            NHO: Hui O Hana Pono
Beadie Dawson                            Director                            NHO: Hawaiian Native Corporation
Dr. Raymond Jardine Jr.              Director                            NHO: Hawaiian Native Corporation
Vaughn Vasconcellos                 Director                            NHO: Alaka`ina Foundation
Rebecca Soon                              Executive Director          NHO: Non-Voting

Honorary Board Members
Senator Daniel K. Akaka
Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Congressman Neil Abercrombie
Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono


From left to right: Congressman Neil Abercrombie, Senator Daniel Akaka, Chris Dawson, Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, Senator Daniel Inouye, and Bruss Keppeler


Hawaiian Native Corporation

E pa`ahana i ka mālama `ana i ka mo`omeheu, ke kūlaiwi, a me ka 
nohono o nā `Ōiwi

"Working diligently to preserve the culture, land, and way of life of Native Hawaiians."

Photos by : Michael Voorhees Photography
Copyright  2007.  All rights reserved.

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